Most Effective Skill Moves FIFA 20 – Pro Player Interview

In this Podcast episode with @themightyped he tells us the most effective skill moves FIFA 20, and other interesting things like which player you should avoid and who to get instead!

Worth Upgrading from James to Bergwijn?

You could use both. You could have Bergwijn as a RF. James was such a grind that you shouldn’t change him yet! You will just use Bergwijn as a RF and play him on 7 Chem. With such a great card it is fine to use him on low chem.With the 5*WF and Shot power, power shots are really good this year! he can be a ST. Upgrade on a lot of prem STs.

Most effective skill moves FIFA 20…

Learn the basics.

Dargbacks, changes the opponent’s direction, With good agility and balance, they make it really quick and confuse your opponents as to where you are going to exit!

Variation… Half Dragbacks and Full Dragbacks…The full ones are great for the wing and the half drag backs are great inside or near the box! Even if your opponent anticipates the skill often times you can keep the ball due to the animation! 2* Skill Move

Drag Back L2 + R2 + L Flick ⇩ LB + RT + L Flick ⇩

Running Step-Over…

Another great thing to try! 2* Skill Move

Stepover Right R to top, rotate from top to right R to top, rotate from top to right
Stepover Left R to top, rotate from top to left R to top, rotate from top to left
Reverse Stepover Right R to right, rotate to up R to right, rotate to up
Reverse Stepover Left R to left, rotate to up R to left, rotate to up

We went through all of this in our podcast episode if you want to give it a go!

What cards people use but actually suck? 

People keep using shit Icons.

Nesta as CB, He is slow AF. Great defence though.

Scream Pique…he is Slow for this part of the game. He can’t keep up with a drag back or a step over. He was good in the first 1-3 months, He just won’t keep up with a Daniel James. Only if you are amazing at defending and even so you could struggle because of the low agility and balance!

Instead, Use Lenglet, Militao, Varane, RTTF Militao, Boateng FB. Look out for good SBCs!

What cards do you think people are overlooking? 

Havertz FB with the 5*WF people are overlooking him bc of the other OP cards,

Militao RTTF, the price for that quality CB!

Cancelo FB, Not overpriced, great on the ball and great on the attack!

Lozano FB, the super Sub. Cheap, Decent, Fun.

Thoughts on the FutBirthday cards, anything you will personally use?

Pogba is Naughty

Di Maria is Naughty

Bakayoko looks insane, worth the time.

Da Costa, Dirty RightBack. Defending wise he is incredible.

Again, if you want to hear us discuss all of these points in depth just listen to our 20-minute podcast!


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