Best La Liga Attackers FIFA 20 – CAM Edition

Who else has a hard time finding the right players for your team? I will make it easy for you and present you the Best LA LIGA Attackers FIFA 20 – CAM Edition from the Premier League. (13/04/20) Last Updated.

8, OTW Griezmann…low pace but great dribbling, passing and shooting! He is certainly a card that will have an impact on your game. Only 3*WF though. (hunter)

7. FFS Odegaard…Decent pace, great dribbling and passing! Enough Stamina to last the full game but lacking with the 3*WF, A bit low Finishing and Positioning. (Sniper)


6. FB Muniain… 5*WF puts him here, He feels great on the ball and has deadly passes with high positioning and finishing…Apply Hawk for some extra pace!

5. SS Marcelo…Better suited for CM but let’s be honest, he can play anywhere. He has the passing, Stamina and Agility + Balance to be a great CAM (Deadeye for Extra Pass)


4. FS Joao Felix…Pace, Smooth on the ball and Great Shooting his passing is also high and has enough stamina to last a full game. (Hawk for Extra Pace)

3. FB Griezmann…Here because of the 5*WF. Very Similar card to Felix, Lacks a bit of pace but his passing and shooting are unreal (hunter for pace)

2. FB Hazard…Hard choice, he is here purely based on his dribbling. Really smooth with amazing passing and great pace. (Hawk for shot power and pace)

1. SS Messi…It is Messi, out of this world passing, dribbling and shooting only down side is the stamina which is a bit low. (Hawk for pace and strength)


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