Best EPL Midfielders FIFA 20 – CAM Edition

It is already difficult to pick the right cards for your squad, we will make it simple and fun (we will NOT repeat any card). Here we present the Best EPL Midfielders FIFA 20 – CAM Edition from the Premier League. (5/04/20) Last Updated.

10. Headliner Alli, I didn’t like the card at first, but after a few upgrades he now looks decent, High Stamina (93) and great shooting make him a well rounded choice but he lacks the agility and balance so…
Apply Engine…
Pros: (the chem boosts)
– 84 Agility
– 75 Balance
– 88 Sprint Speed
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 3*WF
– 79 Acceleration

Compared to other CAMs on the list he is slow, you could use Hunter but then he would feel really clunky on the ball, I would advise using him as CM.

9. Lucas Moura Moments, Smooth dribbling (95 Agility + 94 Balance) and amazing pace, decent shooting (86 finishing) but low passing and stamina hence why… -Best Budget Option-
Apply Deadeye
Pros: (the chem boosts)
– 99 Finishing
– 91 Short Passing
– 99 Attack Positioning
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 78 Stamina
– 83 Composure

Compared to others on the list, he has low stamina and composure. His passing and shooting go from decent to amazing with deadeye turning him into a worldclass CAM.

8. Mason Mount, He is purely here based on stats, they look amazing. his pace is a bit low (79 Sprint Speed) but his passing and dribbling make up for it. You will have to… 
Apply Hunter
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 91 Finishing
– 99 Acceleration
– 89 Sprint Speed
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 3*SM

– 81 Composure

Great stamina (94) but shooting is a bit meh when compared to the rest on the list, I would also like to improve his composure but because he is a bit slow we can’t, Sniper would be ideal if you don’t mind the pace.

7. Mesut Ozil, Interesting boost, with the improved weakfoot (5*WF) and amazing passing (96 Short Pass + 97 Vision) he is the ideal brain for your midfield, sadly enough he needs more pace and balance so….
Apply Engine
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 91 Acceleration
– 87 Balance
– 87 Sprint Speed
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 86 Finishing

– 82 Shot Power

Yes, his passing will be world class but we will have to sacrifice shooting, it will be below the average of this Top-10. For those who own the card it was a great choice.

6. Riyad Mahrez, Fun to use card (5*SM), he has good pace and decent shooting. His dribbling will feel smooth he is the upgrade you have been looking for in your CAM position.
Apply Hawk For…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 90 Finishing
– 98 Positioning
– 91 Sprint Speed
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 86 Short Pass

– 80 Reactions

As a CAM there are other better options. Guys who can distribute the game even better, but this is my personal type of CAMs, Skillful and good in front of goal. I wouldn’t blame you if you preferred Ozil.

5. Roberto Firmino, You will be surprised when you look at his stats as he isn’t the smoothest of dribblers (81 Agility + 82 Balance) nor is he the best passing (Short Pass 88) or the quickest but, one this is for sure he performs at a world class level in the midfield.
Apply Hunter…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 94 Positioning
– 92 Finishing
– 91 Acceleration
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 81 Agility

– 82 Balance

Try him and you will thank me. You can use shadow and turn him into one of the best CMs the Prem has…Overall as a CAM he will perform at a great level.

4. De Bruyne Moments, Shooting of a god (98 Shot Power + 97 Long shots) even his passing (98 vision + 96 Short Pass) Sadly he needs the extra pace…
Apply Hunter…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 99 Positioning
– 93 Finishing
– 93 Acceleration
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 82 Agility
– 80 Balance

He can also play as CM but with that shooting I would prefer his as my CAM. The 5*WF give him that extra unpredictabily that he needs

3. Bruno Fernandes, The pace, we are here for the pace. His passing is also world class and the 4/4 combo make him a fun card to use that will last the whole game (99 Stamina) but he needs some extra Balance and Agility.
Apply Engine…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 94 Balnce
– 91 Sprint Speed
– 88 Agility
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 87 Positioning

– 83 Finishing

Ok, he will need some extra positioning and shooting but I pretty much prefer to boost dribbling. I wouldn’t blame you if you picked Hawk/Hunter instead as he already has good enough passing! Even Sniper could work! I am just a pace abuser. 

2. Richarlison aka God Himself, Where should I start? He has the pace, the weakfoot (5*) the physicality and shooting to score! lacks a bit of passing and dribbling so…
Apply Engine…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 97 Sprint Speed
– 94 Vision
– 96 Short Pass
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 78 Long Shots

I mean, what else do you want? Maybe you wanted to use him as a ST which I wouldn’t blame you for but with the boost in passing and that pace I find it hard to use a different CAM. he is my favoutire in the whole list.

1. Kevin de Bruyne TOTY, It had to be a TOTY on the top of the list. He just has everything you need. Maybe the Balance 83 and Agility 86 are a bit low…
Apply Engine…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 94 Acceleration
– 93 Sprint Speed
– 93 Balance
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– Price

Stats wise he is the best by miles. His 99 Stamina will last for the whole match. But if I am honest I would choose Richarlison over him. Personal opinion.


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