Best EPL Attackers FIFA 20 – LW Edition

Who else has a hard time finding the right players for your team? I will make it easy for you and present you the Best EPL Attackers FIFA 20 – LW Edition from the Premier League. (7/04/20) Last Updated.

5. Saint-Maximim, the dribbling of the gods for a fair price tag. His shooting and passing can be low yes I know. But with the pace of a gasela and that Agility (98) and Balance (91) he will be trouble…My favourite from this list
Apply Deadeye…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 94 Positioning
– 93 Finishing
– 93 Short Passing
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 85 Ball Control

– 85 Composure

Ball Control and Composure are in a great spot but others on this list have better hence why it is a Con…in regular circumstances, I would be really happy with those stats but hey, we are talking about a Top-5 here.

4. Sonaldo TOTT, Oh dear where to start? 5*WF puts him on this spot, the shooting of a machine and stamina (90) to last the whole game. I know, his balance is low and he will feel a bit clunky on the ball hence why…
Apply Engine…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 96 Sprint Speed
– 87 Balance 
– 92 Acceleration
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 89 Finishing

89 Finishing a con?! are you crazy crunch? Here me out, cards on this list will have at least 90+ it is NOT an issue but could have been improved. 

3. Leroy Sane, 99 Pace wow, (even though he has 96 acceleration) amazing card all around. Sadly he is missing the WeakFoot (3*WF) to turn him into a world-class finisher…
Apply Marksman…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 99 Shot Power
– 99 Finishing
– 97 Agility
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 85 Balance

– 85 Composure

Sniper could be a better chem to boost that balance and composure but the extra physical boost (84 Strength) and long shot rework (95 long shots) will prove more beneficial in front of goal!

2. Mane TIF, Goal Scoring machine (92 finishing) with smooth dribbling (95 agility) and relentless pace. We could improve his long shots and strength…
Apply Marksman…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 99 Positioning
– 99 Finishing
– 91 Long Shots
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– 86 Composure
– 87 Short Pass

You may be wondering…why did I pick Mane instead of Sane and it was because he is better on key areas, he will surely feel better whilst dribbling! Sadly enough he doesn’t have the best passing but you will manage.

1. Mane TOTY, I mean it is a TOTY at the end of the day so he was going to be good for sure. This version turns mane into a new card. with enhanced strength and the passing that Salah wish Mane had. 
Apply Marksman…
Pros:(the chem boosts)
– 99 Ball Control
– 84 Strength
– 98 Long Shots
Cons: (the chem does not boost)
– Price

Nothing to say here, if you have the coins get this card.


Why? that can be for another post but it has to do with both their Composure and Price.


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